We, the thousands of American Indian tribal members and friends of various tribes, have waited long to finally receive this deeply deserved respect and recognition from the State of Texas

It is inappropriate for American Indian children to celebrate a day honoring a person for discovering a nation of people.

Peggy LarneyFounder
2021 Celebration

9th Annual American Indian Heritage Day
+Theme: Sovereignty +
September 25, 2021 / Lone Star Park

With the passage of this bill, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to celebrate the rich traditional and contemporary American Indian culture in this state. House Bill 174 has now became a State Observance Law in the State of Texas. Signed by Gov. Perry, Friday, May 10 / HB 174 Makes Friday, Sept. 27, 2013. First American Indian Heritage Day in Texas.

This bill deserves passage and will bring deserved recognition of the historic, cultural, and social contributions that American Indian communities and leaders have made to the State of Texas.

Sovereignty Theme:
Main Topics of Discussion

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Celebration Tribal Showcase

Caddo Nation

Celebration Profiles in History


2021 American Indian Heritage Day Celebration

We are having our American Indian Heritage Day in Texas Celebration at Lone Star Park which is on Chickasaw Land.

The event is free and there will be a buffet to enjoy lunch while attending the Celebration, the event starts on Saturday at 10 am.

Location: Lone Star Park

1000 Lone Star Pkwy,
Grand Prairie, TX 75050
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Celebration Poster Designs

Social Injustice + Critical Race Theory + Genocide:
Ending the era of historical trauma!

This is a work-in-progress, discovering ways it could be improved, and set about refining a conscious thought to prepare to educate a new audience who wants to hear but needs details to fulfill their assumptions, create a new dialogue to change the landscape, and share to test physical and emotional strength.

The experiment teaches a diverse range to a new vision of endless possibilities of the American Indian perspective and examine the mental process in deductive reasoning to present a central focus of our latest milestones in a gradual, organic expansion, more balanced and creating a clear shift.

Historic, cultural, and social contributions made by American Indians.

Our Culture

We have a unique opportunity and responsibility to celebrate the rich tradition of American Indians in the State of Texas.

Our Education

Our platforms are essential teaching tools to expose cultural & social justice issues from the American Indian perspective.

Negative Stereotypes

This is a fight of mentality versus conscious suggestion. Truth and propaganda to  think change is good of American Indians.

Our Identity

We are .5 of 1%, most researched but least understood beyond perceived “Founding Fathers” or “Immigrants built this land”

Healing Sacred Voices

These Are Our Songs & Our Prayers, This Is Our Dialect

Our ancestral linguistics could not be broken during the World Wars where Anthropologists, Generals, Soldiers, Scientists, Alliance countries could not break our tactical messages in both World Wars.

#MMIR I Social Movement

+ Missing + Murdered + Indigenous + Relatives

We approach the deep-rooted premeditated psychological and physiological understanding of historical trauma that leads to tragic actions that take away our Relatives.


American Indian identity erased in Texas Schools

Committing Genocide against American Indians by Law again. American Indian History and the Indian Removal Act are being erased from the Texas social studies curriculum.


Restricting the teaching of critical race theory

House Bill 3979 limits how teachers can discuss race and current events in social studies courses and bars them from awarding students course credit for social or political advocacy work.


Celebrating the Historical Matrilineal Leadership

The usual constitutional concept of racial equality, and the older concept of race as well as the evolving definitions, do not adequately encompass the political and legal status of American Indian Sovereignty.

Indian Relocation Act of Dallas - 1956

A Shades of Red Dialogue on American Indians of Dallas

The Indian Relocation Act of 1956 was intended to encourage American Indians to leave reservations and traditional lands to assimilate. Collaboration with the Dallas Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation.

Reclaiming Our Identity


This re-branding will reflect our natural environment while simultaneously allowing us to explore how our urban environment affects our behaviors to reveal a new Texas truth. Collaboration with Ignite/Arts Dallas and Dallas Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation.

AT&T Discovery District in Media Wall

Medicine Healing Our Historical Trauma of Past to the Future

A collaboration between American Indian Heritage Day in Texas and Inter-Tribal Council of AT&T Employees. The massive seven-story tall media wall visual honors our ancestors on National Native American Heritage Month.

Concrete Jungle

DNA & Genetics
Art Installation

Fused Lens

Community Voices
Video Documentary

Decolonize Dallas

Water is Life
Cultural Producers

Seeing Red

Sensorial Response
Changing Landscape

Legislative Session: 83(R)
House Bill 174 Stages

American Indian Heritage Day in Texas is now Law in the State of Texas

Stage One


Stage Two
Out of House Committee


Stage Three
Voted on by House


Stage Four
Out of Senate Committee


Stage Five
Voted on by House


Stage Six
Governor Action


Stage Seven
Bill Becomes Law

Last Friday in September

Stage Eight
Celebration – Last Saturday on Sept

HB174 becomes Law

2021 American Indian Census


Total US Population


Federally Recognized Tribes



We are voices of generations who survived the Genocide: Manifest Destiny and Doctrine of Discovery