American Indian

Heritage Day

We, the thousands of American Indian tribal members and friends of various tribes, have waited long to finally receive this deeply deserved respect and recognition from the State of Texas

It is inappropriate for American Indian children to celebrate a day honoring a person for discovering a nation of people.

Peggy LarneyFounder
Tribal Showcase


Profiles in History


Social Injustice:
Ending the era of historical trauma!

Introducing a new reality to deconstructing a counter culture of a monumental model to remodel. We are refocusing a new global rival to prepare a sensorial response of accouterments to bring a new iconic approach. Unveiling tomorrow’s world of social justice.

This is a work-in-progress, discovering ways it could be improved, and set about refining a conscious thought to prepare to educate a new audience who wants to hear but needs details to fulfill their assumptions, create a new dialogue to change the landscape, and share to test physical and emotional strength.

Indigenous People of this land to present two perfectly symmetrical lines to provide the truth and bring as many people as possible to experience the facts speaks volumes about the power to highlight American Indian’s distinct cultures of 567 tribes.

The experiment teaches a diverse range to a new vision of endless possibilities of the American Indian perspective and examine the mental process in deductive reasoning to present a central focus of our latest milestones in a gradual, organic expansion, more balanced and creating a clear shift.

Concrete Jungle

DNA & Genetics
Art Installation

Fused Lens

Community Voices
Video Documentary

Decolonize Dallas

Water is Life
Cultural Producers

Seeing Red

Sensorial Response
Changing Landscape

Historic, cultural, and social contributions made by American Indians.

Our Culture

We have a unique opportunity and responsibility to celebrate the rich tradition of American Indians in the State of Texas.

Our Education

Our platforms are essential teaching tools to expose cultural & social justice issues from the American Indian perspective.

Negative Stereotypes

This is a fight of mentality versus conscious suggestion. Truth and propaganda to  think change is good of American Indians.

Our Identity

We are .5 of 1%, most researched but least understood beyond perceived “Founding Fathers” or “Immigrants built this land”

Legislative Session: 83(R)

House Bill 174 Stages
Stage One


Stage Two
Out of House Committee


Stage Three
Voted on by House


Stage Four
Out of Senate Committee


Stage Five
Voted on by House


Stage Six
Governor Action


Stage Seven
Bill Becomes Law

Last Friday in September

Stage Eight
Celebration on Last Sept. Saturday

HB174 becomes Law

We are voices of generations who survived the Genocide from the Indian Removal Act