[wbc_heading tag=”div” heading_style=”heading-4″ align=”center” title=”Featured Artist at the Mothers (of) Wisdom Celebration” color=”#ffffff” font_size=”15″][wbc_heading tag=”h3″ heading_style=”heading-3″ align=”center” title=”Frank |Waln| ” color=”#ffffff” font_size=”40″][wbc_heading tag=”h5″ align=”center” title=”Sicangu Lakota Hip Hop Artist/Performer from the Rosebud Rez” color=”#ffffff” font_size=”25″]
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[vc_empty_space height=”50px”][wbc_heading tag=”h2″ heading_style=”heading-3″ title=”Ignite Arts Dallas & SMU Meadows School of the Arts” font_size=”20″][wbc_heading tag=”h2″ heading_style=”heading-3″ title=”Present Hip Hop Artist |Frank Waln|” font_size=”50″][wbc_icon_box display_type=”img” icon_style=”circle” wbc_animation=”bounceIn” icon_img=”1436″ icon_size=”75″]Frank Waln is an award winning Sicangu Lakota Hip Hop artist, producer, and performer from the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. A recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship, Waln attended Columbia College Chicago where he received a BA in Audio Arts and Acoustics.[/wbc_icon_box][wbc_icon_box display_type=”img” icon_style=”circle” wbc_animation=”bounceIn” icon_img=”1437″ icon_size=”75″]Waln’s awards include three Native American Music Awards, the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development 2014 Native American 40 Under 40, and the 2014 Chicago Mayor’s Award for Civic Engagement. He has been featured on Buzzfeed’s 12 Native Americans Who Are Making a Difference, USA Today, ESPN, and MTV’s Rebel Music Native America. Waln has written for various publications including Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education, and Society and The Guardian. Frank Waln travels the world spreading hope and inspiration through performance and workshops focusing on self-empowerment and the pursual of dreams.[/wbc_icon_box][wbc_icon_box display_type=”img” icon_style=”circle” wbc_animation=”bounceIn” icon_img=”1438″ icon_size=”75″]We want to say thank you to Ignite Arts Dallas  and the SMU Meadows Schools of the Arts for this opportunity to showcase Frank Waln and bring his talents to the 4th Annual American Indian Heritage Day Celebration at the Lone Star Park.  We are able to witness the Rosebud Sioux tribal member that has spread his passion to become take his creative voice as a political and environmental activist for American Indian rights.[/wbc_icon_box]
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